Graduate Student Position for Fall 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Mantle Processes Group at the University of Delaware! A position is available for a graduate student to start in Fall 2020, to do research into mantle geochemistry and rheology.

Research in the Mantle Processes Group is based around using field samples of peridotite to explore the geochemistry and rheology of the Earth’s mantle. Some projects focus more on geochemistry or rheology, while other projects use techniques and concepts from both disciplines. Projects are available to work on samples from a variety of field locations, including the Josephine Peridotite in Oregon, the Oman Ophiolite, and seafloor samples from existing collections.

Possible projects for an incoming student include: exploring the role of fluids in shear localization; estimating the oxygen fugacity of the mantle; constraining the water content of peridotites; and relating microstructures to seismic anisotropy. Most projects involve a field component, followed by laboratory work using a range of analytical techniques (such as EBSD/EDS, SIMS, LA-ICPMS, EPMA, XANES). 

To be considered for funding, please apply by January 5, 2020. Information on applying to the Department of Geological Sciences graduate program at the University of Delaware can be found here.