February 1, 2019 - Jessica M Warren

Article on trace elements in sulfides published

An article by Megan D’Errico, Matt Coble, and Jessica Warren has been published in American Mineralogist as part of a special collection on Planetary Processes as Revealed by Sulfides and Chalcophile Elements. The article presents in situ trace element data for sulfides from abyssal peridotites and uses modeling of lead contents to show that sulfides are not the main host for mantle lead.

D’Errico, M.E., M.A. Coble, and J.M. Warren, 2019. In situ measurements of lead and other trace elements in abyssal peridotite sulfides, American Mineralogist, 104, 190-206, doi:10.2138/am-2019-6516.

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