September 10, 2012 - Jessica M Warren

Ultramafics of CA and OR

In late August/early September, we spent two weeks in northern California and southeastern Oregon, looking at ultramafics in the Trinity Ophiolite (CA) and Josephine Peridotite (OR). This trip was part of a Stanford field class, GES 190: Advanced Field Methods, and the students blogged about their experience here.

Large clinopyroxene in a clinopyroxenite vein in the Trinity Peridotite. Sharpie marker at bottom for scale.

Small shear zone in the Josephine Peridotite. Offset is observed in the inter-layered harzburgite/dunite.

The GES190 Class (left to right): Daniel Morgan, Eric Smith, Valerie Rosen, Nik Deems, Katie Kumamoto, Megan D’Errico, Suzanne Birner, Lars Hansen, Jessica Warren

Josephine Peridotite