January 21, 2011 - Jessica M Warren

Camping, camels and rocks

Camping way up Wadi Hilti - probably the best of our campsites

Camping near Wadi Tayin – our site is by the white vehicle off in the distance

Breakfast time at the Wadi Tayin campsite

Gabbro norite mylonite in undeformed harzburgite

Layered gabbro at the crust-mantle transition zone

Pierre walking up Wadi Makhibiyah

Mark: says it all

Antinodular texture: Chromite+Olivine surrounded by Chromitite

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Sumail Massif - Village

As promised: a camel

Peridotite with websterite and two generations of dunite (How could I not end with peridotite?)

Oman Ophiolite Oman /