Research Overview

A position is available for a graduate student for Fall 2018. Information here.

Prof. Jessica Warren’s lab in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Delaware studies the geochemistry and rheology of the Earth’s mantle, using peridotites collected on land and at sea. Peridotite is the dominant lithology of the upper mantle, consisting of olivine, orthopyroxene and clinopyroxene, with minor amounts of spinel and sulfide. In the oceans, peridotites are collected by dredging, diving or drilling at mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones. On land, peridotites are found as xenoliths and as orogenic peridotites and ophiolites.

Members of the Mantle Processes Group: Kendra Lynn, Jessica Warren (Assistant Professor), Katie Kumamoto, and Cécile Prigent. Not pictured: Suzanne Birner. (Photo: Evan Krape, University of Delaware)

Research Opportunities
I am always looking for enthusiastic people to join my group! Contact me for more information.

  • Undergraduates: projects are available in the lab during the academic year or summer.
  • Graduate students: a position is available for Fall 2018.
  • Postdocs: I am always interested to hear from prospective postdocs with similar research interests. Position availability is dependent on funding, but I am happy to discuss possible projects and explore funding opportunities!